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  • 120ft Passenger Cargo Boat - 10133

    Used Steel Passenger- Cargo Vessel For Sale. COI expired April 2013-Out of serviceHad COI for 50 persons plus deck cargo 20 miles.. Formerly certified for 400 passengers no cars or 300 passengers with ...
    Price: $165,000.00
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  • 65ft Cargo Vessel - 10620

    Used steel cargo vessel, fresh drydock and passenger certifed. Full array of electronics. good for inter island cargo. must see. ...
    Price: $315,000.00
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  • 175ft Tanker - 10723

    Used steel ex navy tanker. Self Propelled. 7,172 bbls capacity

    Vessel is operational. built to abs standards. as a ...

    Price: $1,300,000.00
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  • 198ft Supply Vessel - 10753

    Used Steel Supply Vessel For Sale. All current certs last DD 5/2011. 79 Tons Bollard pull. Large Fuel capacity. Reported in good overall condition. ...
    Price: $610,000.00
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  • 180 Ft Steel Cargo Supply Vessel - 10840

    Used Oilfield Supply Vessel For Sale. In current operation with ABS class & loadline. Set up to pump mud. 564 tons on deck cargo. Working. ...
    Price: $2,100,000.00
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  • 110ft Utility-Work Boat - 10864

    Used Steel Rsd Foc’sle Utilty Work Boat For Sale. This boat is in excellent condition and currently working. Has on deck crane. Seperate engine for hyd. ABS Loadline US ...
    Price: $695,000.00
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  • 75 Ft Aluminum Landing Craft - 10877

    Used all Aluminium Ex US Government Landing Craft LCM-8 Hull For Sale. Vessel Cleaned up and ready for repower.The props, shafts and rudders are all in g ...
    Price: $160,000.00
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  • 110ft Steel Utility Boat - 1090

    Used Steel Utility-Supply Vessel For Sale. In good overall condition. All systems reported operational. ...
    Price: $360,000.00
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  • 105ft Steel Supply Utility Boat-9413

    Used Steel Utility Boat For Sale. In overall good condition. Needs some freshening up inside. Has two large capacity hydraulic motors off pto from front ...
    Price: $250,000.00
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  • 175ft AHTS 80 Ton BP - 9463

    Used AHTS 7,040 HP 80 ton bollard pull anchor handling tug supply vessel. Complete rebuild in 2007. Everything in 1st class condition. All current certs< ...
    Price: $1,500,000.00
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