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Fishing boats are the harvesters of the world oceans. These vessels supply us all with the fresh seafood that we love to eat every day. Ocean Marine Brokerage Services offers a wide variety of quality used commercial fishing vessels to choose from.

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67 Ft Steel Trawler - 999

Used Steel Trawler For Sale.Ice Boat.Gone through top to bottom in 16ft.Currently shrimping ...


61ft Fiberglass Longliner

Used Solid Fiberglass Trawler For Sale.No shrimp rigging. Formerly used as a longliner.Has 2 generators, one is unserviceable.Reportedly in fair condi ...


88ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 1962

Used Steel Freezer Shrimper For Sale. In first class condition. Working. ...


78ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 2193

Used 78ft Steel Freezer Trawler For Sale.Cat 3408 Main Engine. (2) auxs generators. Blast type freezer. Shrimp winch and misc shrimp gear. Older style ...


96ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 2212

Used 96ft Twin Screw Trawler For Sale. In excellent overall condition. Boat has been totally upgraded in 1996, with new freezer system. Plate freezer ...


75ft Steel Trawler - 2248

Used Steel Shrimp Trawler for sale. In good overall condition, but interior of cabin will need to be redone. Presently shrimping. Has insulated ice ho ...


90ft Steel Twin Screw Trawler-Lobster Boat - 4346

Used Twin Screwn Freezer Trawler - Lobster Boat For Sale.Owner operated.IQF tank and plate type freezer hold with 5f40 compressors. white blast & ...


70ft Steel Trawler - 5355

70ft Steel Trawler For Sale. Curently shrimping.Reported in good overall condition , Main engine was rebuilt in 2015. ...


67ft Steel Trawler-Cargo Boat - 5445

67ft Steel Trawler-Island Cargo Boat For Sale. Reported in good running condition.Has wooden deck house. New 30KW aux.Basic Navaids.Ice hold.Good deck ...



85FT STEEL FREEZER TRAWLER For Sale. Very well maintained shrimper. In current operation . Owner willing to sell with or without shrimp gear make a of ...


98ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 6563

Used 98ft Steel Freezer Trawler For Sale, Rigged shrimper. Modern navaids.Freezer hold.On deck IQF brine tank. ...


Twin Screw Freezer Trawler -7238

Used Steel Freezer Trawler For Sale. Currently being used as inter-island cargo. US Built but currently non-US flag. Reported in very good overall con ...

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147ft Steel Catcher -Processor - 7264

Used Catcher Processor For Sale. Full process line for fish & shrimp.Heading, filleting,skinning,graders,cookers strapping, washing & scales. ...

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36ft Fiberglass Trawler-#7719

Used 36ft Trawler Solid fiberglass boat. Formerly used as snapper boat.Many uses. Good strong hull. No mains. ...


60ft Steel Freezer Trawler 7949

Totally rebuilt, fresh drydock.Used Steel Freezer Trawler For Sale. Single Screw. Boat is in very good condition,owner had it built and has operated i ...


85ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 8153

85ft Steel Freezer Trawler For Sale.Rebuilt main engine and gear.Rigged shrimping. ...


98 Ft Twin Screw Steel Freezer Trawler - 8242

Used Standard US Gulf freezer style trawler for sale. Non US flag.Great for research,fishing,cargo.Fully refurbished.Twin Cat engines. ...


95ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 8437

Used Standard gulf freezer shrimper For Sale. Owner operated and reported in very good overall condition. Main overhauled in 2010. Hauled painted in&n ...


65ft Solid Fiberglass Longliner - 8658

65ft Solid Fiberglass Long Liner For Sale,Fully operational longliner. Complete with directed tuna & sword fish permits. Two long line reels.Upgra ...


29ft Fiberglass Life Boat - 8782

Used 29' Solid Fiberglass Life Boat For Sale. Had inboard engine.Has prop in nozzle. Ideal for many recreational uses as well.  Take it away. Mak ...


163ft Freezer-Factory Longliner - 9190

set up to process H&G Tooth Fish. Processing is based on heading and gutting or whole freezing Carnitech system. Odim conveyors. Freezing capacity ...


65ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 9391

Used Steel Freezer shrimper for sale. In current operation. Needs a little TLC but fully functional boat ...


50ft Steel Lobster-Longliner - 9623

Used Steel Aft Cabin Long Liner For Sale.No Long line reel or fishing gear. Good solid hull.Very heavily built from tank steel.Lots of stain ...


130ft. LONGLINER -9678

Used Steel Trawler/longliner. fully rigged. in current operation and in class. ...


78ft Steel Freezer Trawler - 10041

Used Steel Trawler. Standard US Gulf Shrimper. Freezer Boat. Electronics, shrimp gear. Working. ...

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78ft Steel Freezer Shrimp Trawler - 10086

Used steel Freezer shrimp trawler. In operation. ...


73 Ft Steel Trawler - 10227

73 Ft Steel Twin Engine Used Trawler For Sale. Blasted,painted. Immaculate vessel, like new ownner built and operatted 2 15HP air compressors ...


34ft Fiberglass Lobster Snapper Boat - 10431

Used Solid Fiberglass Snapper-Grouper-Lobster Boat For Sale.Full electronics.  Low hours on main.17 knots speeds .Sleeps 2 small galley with head ...


65ft Fiberglass Longliner-Snapper Boat - 10472

Used Solid Fiberglass Lonliner-Snapper Boat For Sale. Recent paint Feb16’. 6 bandit reels. (3) new AC units 2012.Sleeps 8. Dual controls.Money m ...


Fiberglass trawler/cargo 10552

Used Solid Fiberglass Trawler-Cargo Boat For Sale.Has crane on back deck.Needs repair to after cabin.Cargo space  in 2 holds, insulated.17 x 29 x ...

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