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10000BBL Double Hull Tank Barge - 9649

Double hull tank Barge For Sale. 10000 Barrel Capacity. Presently working ...


Tank Barge Double hull - 13621

Used double skin inland tank barge For Sale.Has spoon bow. COI good to 2017 in very good condition.Working ...

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95000 BBL Double Hull Tank Barge/Tug ATB - 13790

95,000 BBl double hull ATB tank barge and tug for sale. sold in combination with tug. Reportedly in good condition. Has vapor recovery.Grade "A" and l ...

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89K BBL Tank Barge-14107

Used Tank Barge For Sale.89,000BBL, foreign flag, coiled with boiler,OPA 90 compliant. located in South America ...

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30K BBL Double Hull Tank Barge - 14323

Used 30,000 BBL Double Hulled Tank Barge For Sale.Spoon bill bow,with towing skegs.COI expired March of 2017.Complete with pumps & gener ...


24620 BBL Tank Barge- 14363

Used 24,620 Barrels Tank Barge For Sale.Grade B and Lower Cargoes Tank. ...

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10000BBL Tank Barge- 14365

Used 10,500 Barrels, Grade A and Lower Cargoes For Sale. ...

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30000 BBL Tank Barge - 14366

Used 25,945 Barrels, Grade A and Lower Cargoes Tank Barge For Sale  ...

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