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110ft Utility Boat -298

Used Steel Supply Utility Vessel For Sale. Reported in very good condition. All equipment in good Operation. Has current USCG certificate of inspectio ...


120ft Utility Boat - 306

Used Steel OilField Utility Boat for Sale. All current certs. Reported in good working condition. ...

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110ft Steel Utility Boat - 1090

Used Steel Utility-Supply Vessel For Sale.In good overall condition.All systems reported operational.Has Fire Monitor 100 mile USCG certs ...


120ft Steel Utility Boat - 1720

Used 120ft Oilfield Supply-Utility Vessel For Sale. Reported in excellent overall condition. In current operation with all USACG certs.   ...


110ft Steel Supply-Utility Vessel - 1828

Used 110ft Steel Utility Boat For Sale.New COI Sept 2014,last DD Dec 2014.Most tanks blasted repaired and cleaned.Over $100K in repairs and updates.Ne ...


155ft Supply-Utility Boat - 2099

Used Steel Supply Utility Boat for Sale. Reported in very good condition. Currently working. Available for charter or sale. Current and ABS ...


150ft Steel Utility-Mini Supply Boat For Sale - 2210

Used Steel mini supply boat for sale. Reported in good operation. Carries 1,000bbls liquid mud in 6 tanks. This was 120 vessel stretched into a 150f ...


110ft Rsd Focsle Utility Boat - 2475

Used Steel Utility-Supply Boat. Raised Focftsle  Reported in very good condition. All equipment operating.  Has 6x4 fire pump. Certified 20 ...


110ft Rsd Focsle Utility Boat - 2743

Used Aluminium Rsd Focsle Supply-Utility Research Boat for Sale of Charter. Reported in excellent condition. Recently out of shipyard. all aluminium c ...


110ft Utility Vessel - 2802

Used 100ft Steel Utility Boat ForSale.Reported in excellent overall condition. In current operation. all current uscg certs.  ...


110ft Steel Rsd Foc'sle Utility Boat - 2804

Used Steel utility Vessel For Sale, All current USCG certs.  ...

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100ft Steel Utility Boat - 2805

Used Steel 110ft Oilfield Utility Boat For Sale. Reported in good overall condition.MAY LISTEN TO AN OFFER ...


80ft Steel Utility Boat - 2889

Used steel oilfield utility boat for Sale. Lots of upgrades in 2011 and again in 14ft. Reported in good mechanical condition. Complete remodeled inter ...


120ft Steel Supply-Utility Boat - 3086

Used Steel Supply-Utility Boat For Sale. Rsd Focsle design. Reported in very good condition. recently operatiny in us oilfield. Has all USCG cer ...


115ft Steel Utility Supply Boat - 4080

115ft Steel Utility Boat For Sale.Reported in very good condition.Lots of recent improvements ...

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110ft Utility Boat - 4681

Used Steel OilField Utility Boat. All new USCG certs. In current operation. Undergone re-fit in 2007 ...


100ft Steel Oilfield Utility Vsl - 4725

Used Steel Rsd Foc'sle Oilfield Utility Supply Vessel For Charter.In currn operation. ABS loadline. Has 4/20’ container sockets. OVID compliant ...

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110ft Steel Utility Boat - 4817

Used 110ft Steel Oilfield Utility Vessel For Sale.Current USCG certs.Recently off job. ...


146ft Steel Utility Boat - 5525

Used Steel Rsd Focsle Mini-Supply Utility Boat For Sale. In good overall condition. Working. Current certs. Note pic below is generic not actual boat ...


110ft Utility Boat -7469

Twin Screw Utility Boat For Sale.Will sell or charter. Fire Monitor: 1300 GPM, Fuel Capacity: 21,500 gals, Potable Water Capacity: 25,000 gals, Former ...


120ft Utility Boat

Ex oil field boat. Flag dropped. In reasonable condition. Machinery works. one generatoe unserviceable. ...


110ft Oilfield Utility Boat - 7979

Used Steel Twin Screw Oilfield Utility Boat  For Sale. Gone through top to bottom in 04&05 and again in 10. Blasted, Painted and all machin ...


130ft Utility Boat - 8132

Used oilfield utility boat boat for sale. Total refurb in 2013. Ready to work. In very good condition.The Vessel was completely renewed in 2007; ...


115ft Utility Boats - 8170

Used Oilfield utility vessel. In current operation with all USCG certs. ...


120ft Steel Utility Boat - 8924

Used Steel oilfield supply vessel for Sale. Rsd Foc’sle type. All systems reported in good operation. Current USCG certs.200 mile certs ...


120ft Steel Utility Vessel - 8925

Used Steel Rsd Foc’sle Supply-Utility Boat For Sale. Reported in good overall condition. ...


2,000 hp Towing - Utility Boat - 9487

Used Steel Utility-Towing Vessel. 25 ton bollard pull. ABS certs/class. Transfer Rates Drill Water 220 GPM Fuel Oil 220 GPM Towing/Anchor Handling Win ...


120ft Steel Utility Dive Boat - 10145

Cargo vessel, has caribbean permits. Presently working, has stern ramp. Vessel reportedly in very good condition ...


120ft Rsd Focsle Utility Boat - 10361

Used raised focsle supply-utility boat for sale. NEW REDUCED PRICE!! Has all current USCG certs and working. Very good condition.1 main engine needs r ...


52ft Utility Boat - 10689

Used Former USCG Buoy Tender for sale. Was converted into a research/school ship. Forward cabin has been gutted and would make an ideal, economical is ...