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Steve Kokinos


Mr. Kokinos has been involved in the commercial boat industry all of his life, having grown up in the commercial fishing and passenger boat industry. Mr. Kokinos has been a licensed Captain for over 40 years. A commercial fisherman for 18 years from gill netting, dragging for fish and scallops as well as long lining. After owning numerous different types of boats in the industry upon retiring from fishing it was a natural progression for Steve to proceed into the commercial vessel brokerage industry. Ocean Marine was established in 1984 originally in Port Canaveral Florida with offices in Louisiana, and in 1992 the main office was moved to Louisiana.

Capt. Robert Tice


Capt Tice has extensive experience in the passenger boat industry, running passenger boats through out Idaho and Alaska. Capt Tice currently holds his Master's license. Capt. Tice has delivered boats all over the world for Ocean Marine and also worked extensively in all different phases of the oil field and passenger, industry for over 20 years.

Capt. Mark Noya


Capt Noya has extensive experience in the Oilfield industry, in almost every aspect, and has operated many of the different types of vessels including ship docking tugs, passenger/excursion/casino vessels, and has run and managed several oilfield diving companies. Capt Noya has a total combined time in the marine industry of over 34 years.Capt Noya currently holds his Master's license. Capt. Noya has delivered boats all over the world for Ocean Marine and is a welcome addition to the Ocean Marine staff bringing a wealth of knowledge with him.

Mr. Lyndon Pitts


Mr. Pitts has recently joined Ocean Marine and is handling the Florida sector. Mr. Pitts has been in sales for many years and is a welcome additionto the Ocean Marine staff.

Fred Rodolf - Fred with President of Nigeria


Fred has grown up in the marine industry and has been involved in all aspects. Fishing industry, passenger vessels, oil field vessels. Fred holds both Master & Engineer's licenses. Fred and his company Quick Tow is also available for hire for makingdeliveries of vessels anywhere in the world and is well versed in deliveries of all types of vessels worldwide.

Bob Chesborough


Ocean Marine is proud to welcome aboard its newest member to the team. Bob grew up in the Adirondack / Lake Champlain Area and attended the New York city community College in Brooklyn NY for Architecture,Plattsburgh State University Plattsburgh for early education,Pohs institute of Real Estate Long Island NY,Clinton Community College NY / Real Estate.Completed Master Gardeners Course / Cornell University and Lincoln Welding School Euclid Ohio. He was a member of the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers and spent 35+ years in welding related construction.Working as a field superintendent for Pittsburgh-DesMoines Steel Co.

He was assigned all states east of the Mississippi River responsible for the welding and QA/QC of very large chemical,oil,and liquid natural gas tanks,containment vessels for Shoreham Nuclear power Plant LI NY and Perry Nuclear power plant in Ohio. He was called back to Albany NY by the Albany NY Brotherhood of Boilermakers to set up a welding school to train an elite crew of welders for 100% x-ray welding on a proto-type submarine for the US Navy run by GE at Knolls Atomic Laboratory,West Milton NY.

Assigned as a engineer by Johnson Controls at Perry Ohio nuclear power plant for inspection and surveillance of work activities related to in process work including document review,QA turnover,non-destructive testing procedures inspection of safety related nuclear components and final systems walk.He in earlier years was a welder / working leader in Groton Ct for GD Electric Boat Division on four Nuclear attack subs USS Flasher,Greeling,Gato, Sturgeon and the ballistic missile submarines USS Alexander Hamilton and USS Tecumseh Associate member New York State Association of Realtors, registered member of National Securities Dealers 2002.Worked eight years as a independent marine broker,and now working aboard with oceanmarine.

Mr. Steve Kokinos III


Steve III has grown up in the boat industry and is now in charge of Ocean Marine's data entry system of our extensive list of vessels for sale, as well as showing vessels and special projects.

Mr. Eric Ervin


Mr. Ervin grew up in the commercial boat brokerage industry. In such, he has an abundant knowledge in the boat brokerage industry and in all types of vessels.

Mr. Nick Kokinos


Mr. Kokinos grew up in the commercial boat brokerage industry. In such, he has an abundant amount of knowledge in the boat brokerage industry and in all types of vessels.

Mr. Corey Pitre


Mr. Pitre grew up in the US Gulf shrimping industry, running his family operated boats starting at the age of 15. Mr. Pitre has also worked extensively in the local charter boat industry as well as operating various crew and supply boats over the years. Mr. Pitre has been a licensed Captain for over 20 years. and currently holds a 1,600 ton Ocean Master License and has operated some of the larget

Mr. John & Mrs. Anita Collins


Ocean Marine has lost one of its finest members on 17 June, 2016. Mr John Collins passed away after fighting cancer for over a year. John will always be remembered as a hardworking, honest man who was a friend to everyone and helped all he came in contact with.

This is one of those times that bring sorrow to our hearts. One of our crew, but more than a crew member, John was a true friend. He has taken his final voyage.

John has been there for each and every one of us. When there was problem John would always find a way to help. John always had time for anyone.

John and his wife Anita have been associated with Ocean Marine since early 1990, and we were honored to have them with us, both in business and as friends. John has set a standard at Ocean Marine that will be hard to follow. John will be missed by all who have come in contact with him. We extend our sincere condolences to Anita and to his family.

Mr. Collins has grown up in the shrimping industry and has been involved in commercial fishing vessels all of his life. Mr. Collins is also a well renowned boat builder in the Texas region and has constructed many shrimp vessels for the local industry as well as performing many re-fits to vessels. Married over 40 years. Both are licensed captains with a combined experience of over 85 years. Licensed surveyor and inspector. Hasmat and Osha certified., and they bring to Ocean Marine an abundant amount of knowledge in the brokerage industry.

Mr. Anthony Oraka - Ocean Marine is delighted to welcome its newest agent in Nigeria.


Anthony Atoyi Oraka: is a retired Lieutenant Commander from the Nigerian Navy. He holds a BSc (Aerospace Engineering) degree from the University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA and an MSc (Mechanical Engineering) degree from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.Anthony also has Marine Engineering certificates from the Nigerian Navy Engineering School.

He has AGUSTA 109 E Helicopter (Airframe Maintenance Certificate) and TURBOMECA ARRIUS 2K1 Gas Turbine Aero Engine. (1ST Line Maintenance License).He is a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) and Registered by the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN).He has over twenty years working experience garnered from: Nigeria Airways Limited, Lagos; Nigerian Navy; Arco Marine & Oilfield Services Limited in Port Harcourt; and running his own Marine Consultancy (Adonaero Nigeria Limited), in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

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