Custodial Services/ Dockage



Ocean Marine has been doing custodial services for over 25 years for many boat owners, banks and financial institutions. Ocean Marine can offer you dockage and consent custodial services throughout Louisiana in both Eastern and Western Districts, as well as in Florida and Texas.

In addition, Ocean Marine can offer a 10 acre facility for both dockage and above the waterline repairs in Houma, Louisiana.

You will find our rates competetive and our services responsive


We offer the following associated services: 

• Towage to locations

• Consent Keeper

• Secure Locations with 24 hour guard if needed

• Inventory of Vessel Items

• Mechanics

• Above the waterline repairs and modifications

• Bilge & line security


Houma, Louisiana Location

 Houma Louisiana Yard


Dickinson,Texas Location


 Dickinson Yard


Larose, Louisiana Location


Larose Yard